Frank's Seaplane Adventure

On June 14th, 1997, I went to Lake Piseco, NY, at the southern base of the Adirondack Mountains for the Speculator Seaplane Fly-in. Quite a fun time, and a bunch of people from the East Hill Flying Club went as well (many stayed at the Irondequoit Inn, a very nice place on Lake Piseco).

But the really cool part about it was that Herb Helms, a seaplane pilot from the area, was there with his Citabria on floats, and gave some introductory seaplane lessons. It's a "real" flying-machine, with a real stick, instead of a yoke, and the instructor sits behind the student.

Unfortunately, the water started to get a little choppy and the wind gusty, so my lesson was only 20 minutes, with just one takeoff and landing, but it was still quite a blast. And I was able to get some photographic evidence as well.

I've played with the colors a little to brighten up the images to make things a little more visible. Click on the images for a full-size picture.

[seaplane heading out]

Here I'm taxiiing out.

[Frank with shit eating grin]

In this one we're just coming back in, and it's pretty obvious from the shit-eating grin on my face that I had fun.

[Frank by the tail of the plane]

And finally, one with me in front of the plane.

Written on June 25th, 1997 by FNA.