Tapas Dinner

frame 1

frame 2

frame 3

Some Comments

I'm about to head out to a birthday dinner at a place that just added tapas items to their menu. And this scenario is sort of my secret, irrational fear... But at least it amuses me. I actually came up with the idea last night talking with friends.

Speedily drawn in photoshop, inked and lettered in illustrator. Then put back into photoshop and cut and scaled. Given that the whole thing took me a few hours, I think it's not too bad. Of course the whole joke is the second panel, the third is just a wrap-up. I could have said "I hate you all" or "what part of tapas don't you understand" but that wouldn't have improved things. As it is, it's not too bad, even if the hand in the third frame is pretty crappy. I'm getting a little better handle on "inking" with Illustrator.

This page last modified Jun 08, 2014.
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