A few quick comments...

Based on a conversation I had with a friend. We both played off each other and I think were mostly amused...I don't think I terrorized or traumatized my friend...maybe?

Technical details

This started with a quick drawing in photoshop, which I didn't save, where I worked out most of the dialog. Then I moved to Illustrator, which I used for everything else.

Since this was so dialog-centric, I generated the dialog first, figured how I wanted to lay out the words, and then worked out the drawings. I also made a large canvas ("artboard" in Illustrator parlance) because I realized I'd need the dialog to be readable and wanted to figure out how big the frames had to be based on that.

Then I drew the characters. I used the "Live Paint" mode and am understanding it a bit better now. I also did some touching up on some of the parts/inking using the paintbrush to get some texture and shadows. The characters look a bit different from frame to frame, but it's close enough.

Then I realized I needed a background. I'm usually bad with backgrounds and lazy, but I managed to do this all in one go. I had the idea in mind and used mostly straight lines for that, using a different layer. The background came together very quickly. The artwork was mostly random. The only things that's a bit sub-par or quick-and-dirty was that I had to stretch the top to make them fit the different frames (even though they should all be the same size. I also made it as one continous image to see how that'd look with a thick black bar to separate the frames and the backgrounds.

Of course all the hand-drawn things (like the laptop, table, and glass) are drawn by a person who can't draw a straight line but that's OK. The artwork on the walls was mostly fun with pressure-sensitive brushstrokes in Illustrator, as well as simple/creepy picture.

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