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How big is it?

A friend sent me the following photo (taken from: on Wednesday March 12 2003) saying:
I think that only you can do justice to a caption for this image...

[Rumsfeld photo]

Well, I take that as a personal challenge. So this was my reply.

I'm working on it. Perhaps, "Well, I checked today and now that we're fully deployed over there, it grew another half-inch, yup, uh huh, it did. Last week's shrinkage was a mere anomaly. I was telling the missus, you just wait till the fireworks start and we'll be seeing some real action, 3 maybe even 4, and I'm not talking centimeters."

I think a compare and constrast might be appropriate. Rumsfeld pretty well weighs in representing the war-penis-size camp.

Let's look at a representative of peace, say Bishop Desmond Tutu (taken from:

[Tutu photo]

And further, Tutu's opinion that Rumsfeld's self-estimation is, shall we say, optimistic at best (taken from:

[Tutu photo]

Hey, it's the best I can do for the first thing in the morning.

His reply:

Frank, you are truly frightening. But false modesty suits you well.
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