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What's New
March 10, 2018 An ultimate frisbee oriented parody to the Pet Shop Boys' song West End Girls.
January 21, 2018 A few pictures from a warm, sunny day in Ithaca in January.
January 14, 2018 A zombie-oriented parody to the Garbage song I'm Only Happy When It Rains.
January 13, 2018 A new weather script to print current and forecast conditions to a terminal window.
January 9, 2018 An update to my Dice Minion program (version 4.1, now with initiative support).
November 6, 2017 Photo highlights of this year's ultimate frisbee Halloween Hat Tournament
October 28, 2017 A Vietnamese food-themed parody of the song Psycho Killer.
September 30, 2017 My father, Bernard Adelstein, died today. Here is his obituary.
August 23, 2017 Photo highlights from the 2017 Perseid Meteor Shower.
October 12, 2017 A new cartoon about those who are prone to say nay!
July 14, 2017 Photos of some flooding at my apartment complex after a long, heavy rain.
July 3, 2017 A few pictures of highlights of the July 3rd, 2017 fireworks.
July 2, 2017 A bunch of pictures from a recent visit to Martha's Vineyard.
March 7, 2017 A few pictures from a cold day in March by Sapsucker Woods.
March 3, 2017 Photos from a hike during freakishly warm weather in February at the Roy Park Nature Preserve
December 4, 2016 Photo highlights from the 2016 IAUA ultimate frisbee Halloween Hat Tournament.
October 31, 2016 A new cartoon! I play Battlship with a friend!
October 15, 2016 Pictures from a game of ultimate frisbee at night.
September 25, 2016 Not a tale, but a quick email written in a sort of ultimate nadsat dialect.
September 22, 2016 Photo highlights from The Great Pacific Northwest Roadtrip from August, starting in Seattle.
August 6, 2016 Pictures from a quick trip down to Santa Cruz.
June 11, 2016 A few photo highlights from FrankenFest 2016!
May 22, 2016 A new cartoon! A story about duck watching, whimsically named Duck you!
April 3, 2016 Pictures from the Johnson Museum exhibit that's a room filled with lasers!
January 31, 2016 A nearby building in my apartment complex caught fire. I took some pictures.
January 5th, 2016 A quick Python program to dump a bug database from GitHub.
November 1, 2015 Once again, it's time for photo highlights from the annual ultimate frisbee Halloween Hat Tournament.
July 4, 2015 Pictures from star gazing in late June.
July 3, 2015 Photos from my trip to Norway in May.
March 13, 2015 A new cartoon about a bit too Personal Pan Pizza.
March 2, 2015 A new cartoon in which we consider what could go wrong...I mean...worst case.
February 28, 2015 Pictures taken on the ice on Cayuga Lake.
February 5, 2015 Some pictures of ice, snow, frozen falls, and all that is Winter in Ithaca
January 8, 2015 A new cartoon on how to give Constructive Criticism.
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