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Who: Frank Adelstein, a.k.a. Mr. Gumps, a.k.a. Doctor Asshole
a.k.a. Dr. Smarty-Pants
What: computer scientist, source of amusement and confusion, web page creator
Where: Ithaca, NY (a very nice place to be)
When: NOW!!!! (since 1995) no...wait...NOW!!!!
How: I don't just sort of happens.
and sometimes Why:
  "Because it's funny!"

Other stuff:

I've got a PhD in computer science.
I currently work for Cayuga Networks. Previously I have done independent consulting, and have worked for GrammaTech, ATC-NY, neé ORA (Odyssey Research Associates), Xerox Design Research Institute/Cornell University, and Amdahl.
I'm a pilot (commercial, airplane multiengine land, airplane single-engine land, airplane single-engine sea, instrument airplane) with about 1000 hours of flying time.
I helped create MyCause in 1998, which was sold in 2008.
I now own the domain notfrank dot com.
My email address is at the above site using my first name.
I like to draw weird things and write odd tales.
I'm a high-tech luddite.
I like to play ultimate frisbee.
I have a warped sense of humor.
Previous "where"s include: Columbus, OH; Sunnyvale, CA; Ann Arbor, MI; Beachwood, OH; and Cleveland Heights, OH.
Most of the above items are covered by the items on the title bar at the top of every page.
While I try to be perfectly Frank, I don't always succeed. So instead, I can just say, "Let's Be Frank" (Brian Aldiss wrote it in 1957, in my version it's called The Collective Frank).

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