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Le Quote de Maintenant

"Alright...I'll miss you--if you actually leave."
        -- at Kenji's farewell party, Smeri's sympathy is conditional
           (August 2021).
[Addendum: Kenji was back in less than a month.]

"A dare is a dare."
        -- casually said by a young kid running down the street by me,
           as his sister(?) was yelling at him--and he's right (August 2021).

I have applied all the brute force I have, and my ignorance is wearing thin.  
        -- Pierre deals with the pod scheduling problem (September 2021).

"2020 was a long decade."
        -- Alex summarizes last year (September 2021).

[T]he lack of purpose for floppy boobs in the movie Airplane was its purpose.
        -- Sue concurs with my movie analysis (September 2021).

"This is Ray and Emily.  They're crazy-good frisbee players.
And this is Frank.    He's a good frisbee player, who's crazy."
        -- Jeff T made a nice save with that introduction (September 2021).

"Whiz doesn't mean the same thing in Australia."
        -- Richard M points out that the failed Whiz Tab Android tablet
           might not be as funny down under (December 2021).

It's been about 25 years or so since I had a set of quotes with a theme.
So let's end the year 2021 with this one: Omicron!

aaand the place that I am at today had a covid positive person working
here two days ago.  It's like a shark circling.
        -- I like Sue's shark analogy (December 2021).

I am a bit shocked at spider man making a billion dollars and won't be
shocked by another wave of infections.
        -- There's very few things that would make Sue miss seeing
           such a movie.  Covid is one of them (December 2021).

Yes, I went to the virusathon, but that's not where I got my exposure 
this week.  That was at a private dinner with a friend.
        -- cue the JAWS music for Rob S (December 2021).

My family had a very COVIDy Christmas.
        -- it was the season for giving the gift that keeps on giving; 
           Emily may have declined the homemade COVID (December 2021).

"Now I can complain about young people."
        -- Stephanie is pleased to be 40 (January 2022).

OK, Nu I'll give you. If you're a gnu.
But gee, Xi?  I don't know what you think of me.
        -- Ralley doesn't support the skipping of some Greek letters
           for the COVID-19 variants, in verse (January 2022).

My problem now is that I have a headache which is a symptom of Omicron 
but it's also a symptom of being subject to other people's stupidity. 
One of my greatest fears is being harmed by someone else's stupidity 
and here we are.
        -- Sue has an unfortunate fear and is not pleased with her 
           careless Omicron-positive housemate (January 2022).

"The great things about masks is you don't have to admit you 
recognize somebody."
        -- Pierre has no trouble with social distance (January 2022).

> > So one who makes an error is an erroror or errorer?
> to err is human, to error is to be an errer

To hum with humor is human, but (to be transparent) it should be apparant 
that to err, like an arrow on an errant errand, as an errer, is to BE human.

p.s. though mayhap I might be mistaken and have missed my mark...
p.p.s. Sorry...I'm done now.
        -- a bit of riffing on the err/error trivia question from Frank
           and KTM.  Fortunately, I ran out of words (February 2022).

On quitting drinking: "I get anxiety after drinking, when I'm sobering up."
In reply: "Are you sure it's not all in your head?"
        -- friends being supportive to each other (February 2022).

"Guys...guys!  Can you speak up, the people in Hong Kong and New Orleans 
can't hear you."
        -- Matthew S. uses reverse psychology or maybe just sarcasm
           to kids in the next room on a Zoom call (March 2022).

"How many inches is yours?  Oh wow, that was a weird question."
        -- Lena just wanted to know how tall Vet's bicycle was (April 2022).
"[The lawyers] were thinking we'd just go back to the original."
  "Which original?"
        -- Dave and Wietse discuss the problem of the dynamic nature of 
           evidence coming from solid-state drives (May 2022).

Us watching the sunset

My mom: what's that orange circle around the sun

Me:....that's your optic disc being burned. Stop staring at the sun directly.
        -- Sue "enjoys" a sunset with her mother (May 2022).

> Have fun (unless you've made other plans).
I always have other plans.
        -- Neel validated why I qualified the validiction of my
           email to him (June 2022).

"When in doubt, do nothing."
        -- Marlene's motto (July 2022).

"You're going to find friends wherever you go.  
Wherever I go, I find enemies."
        -- (Some) Kind (of) words (?) from Pierre to Match at his 
           going away party (July 2022).

"Suck it, everyone."
        -- Emily to...everyone at Connect-Four-Pong (July 2022).

"How was the dump this morning, Gavin?"
        -- TMI or just someone who saw Gavin arriving while they left the
           Recycling and Solid Waste Center?  (August 2022)

"I don't want to open up a can of...pandora's box."
        -- While it was just a thought shift mid-sentence, I think it's
           a good turn of phrase.  Claude Roux (September 2022)

I've decided that once I finish this bunch  I'm not planting more 
till spring (other than the hundreds of bulbs that I ordered [...]).
        -- Shoshe is a Master Gardener; to her, planting a few hundred
           bulbs barely even merits mentioning.  (October 2022).

"I love how Alan's corrections are incorrections."
        -- Emily describes how Alan interrupts a story telling (October 2022).

"Your cowering blocked my lane."
        -- While on D in ultimate, I heard footsteps rapidly closing, didn't 
           see where, and wanted to avoid a collision.  To be fair, it was a 
           true statement and Ray said it without malice (October 2022).

"The power in New Orleans is as dirty as the water is....and the politics."
        -- Daryl isn't only dealing with flickering lights (October 2022).

"It's one of my biggest joys in life."
  "And one of my biggest pet peeves."
        -- Ray and Emily have diametrically opposed opinions on the 
           topic of falling alseep on the couch (November 2022).

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Back before the web, people had .plan files which were visible by others on the same system or on different systems, before security concerns caused people to block remote requets from the finger program. I usually had one or two quotes in my file.

Highlights from my .plan file from OSU (1995 and earlier).

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