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"I didn't know I wasn't sure."
        -- Alan explains why he was so sure of a trivia answer (October 2020).

Thank you!  It wasn't dreadful at all, almost embarrassingly pleasant.
        -- I had wished Piers a "not dreadful" birthday (October 2020).

Now you guys are orphans, which in the natural order of life, 
we all become some day.
        -- Poetic words of comfort from Steve Jeandheur (October 2020).

I'm counting on the cold to fuel my hungry.
        -- Kenji readies himself for both an outdoor Thanksgiving meal
           and defending his "Most Hungry Friend" status (November 2020).

[After discussing the Culinary Institute of America (CIA)'s cookbook]
>> Now I'm wondering what the title of the other CIA's cookbook would be:
>> How to kill people with Delicious Food
>> How to improperly prepare Pufferfish sushi
>> Kill them with Cooking: 101 stone fruit recipes with high cyanide content
>  Recipes to Die For.

That's so much better than my "Dressed to Ill: Fowl cooking for your 
Enemies" idea
        -- Ralley and Frank engage in a game of lethal puns (December 2020).

"it's something that's hard to figure out but..."
  "Given the prompt..."
"...given the prompt, it makes it easier to figure out."
        -- Judson explains the benefit of booze reviews to Megan as
           she demonstrates the concept to him (January 2021).

I am very fond of this idea (and Frank's others -- with the exception of
supervised naptime).
        -- Matthew G hates freedom...and naptime (February 2021).

"It mostly wasn't terrible."
	-- a ringing endorsement from Chris H. (February 2021).

"[The next meeting] is St. Patrick's day so I will have a beer with me.
I don't make the rules."
        -- Mark S, just following the 'when in Ireland...' rules (March 2021).

"It's the pinnacle of mediocrity."
        -- Matt approves of a very generic logo (April 2021).

"Oh I'm not competing with anyone's grandma."
        -- Megans's lamington (cake) is good but not quite at the 
           level of Bez's Grandmother's lamington (Bezmas, April 2021).

"I thrive on your criticism."
        -- apparently Katie provides for Alan's needs (April 2021).

"Squirrels have devil-opposite-side-of-tree magic."
        -- Bez explain's Yuri's distrust of squirrels (April 2021).

"They have different strengths; [but] the same weakness: loud!"
        -- Emily's assessment of the Top 4 in the 'loud group' (April 2021).

"I am a killjoy, I know.  A killjoy that gets us first place."
        -- Emily dislikes joke trivia answers that lose points (April 2021).

"If I did have a fever for more cow bell I would have gone to a
Walken clinic."
        -- Bez's immediate response to the question of whether the 2nd 
           COVID-19 vaccination gave him certain symptoms (April 2021).

Appointment today where the dog came in extremely agitated.

Could he have gotten into anything?


Okay well we can do a lot of lab work and it'll be about $400

  He got into my weed.


  And maybe meth

        -- Just another day at the office for Dr. B. (May 2021).

"In other words, 'crab happens.'"
        -- Bez explains the process of carcinization (June 2021).

Our administration is largely incompetent, and I say largely only to be polite.
        -- Loren, ever the diplomat about his employers (June 2021).

"People in the group picked up saying 'to be fair' from me."
  "To be fair, you do say it a lot."
"That's true."
        -- Ray traces phrases and mannerisms in the group,
           Frank provides some justification (June 2021).

"Banning yoga?  It's a bit of a stretch."
        -- Bez reacts to a trivia question (June 2021).


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I used to have a few quotes on my home page when I worked at DRI.
Quotes from my DRI home page.

Back before the web, people had .plan files which were visible by others on the same system or on different systems, before security concerns caused people to block remote requets from the finger program. I usually had one or two quotes in my file.

Highlights from my .plan file from OSU.

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A collection of stuff that I've had for the last 20+ years. Some are quotes from songs, some are amusing quips, some are collections of quotes on a topic or just random, some from friends, some from strangers.
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