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"You get very nice when you get angry."
        -- Julie knows me surprisingly well (December 2017).

"This is part of what my marketing scam would be."
"Oh scheme."
        -- Freudian slip from a marketing schemer (February 2018).

> [Toilets] that use pressurized water and make loud noises scare me...

I just think they are cheating.  That turd came into the world naturally.
It should leave by the same rules.
        -- The 'natural philosophy' of Frank and Pierce (March 2018).

"I always have the plaid of the soul."
        -- Dianne expresses her inner flannel (March 2018).

"I think it's fairly standard the most astronauts become potato heads 
over time."
        -- Strictly speaking, Sue didn't disagree with my comparison of 
           astronaut Scott Kelly and a Sontaran from Dr. Who (March 2018).

> So these days in Germany, it's good not to set your watch by the 
> German rail system anymore. Although from what I can tell their 
> clocks are still very accurate.

Those are probably Swiss clocks then…

        -- Mowgli and Dave Ralley discuss German trains (June 2018).

 > > Ok - Match is in so let's go for it.  See people there at 6:30
 > I may have eaten chipotle like 30 mins ago.....

What's your point ?
        -- The "Three Stooges"' plan to go to "all you can eat sushi"
           starts to derail.  (I had already opted out.)  (June 2018).

Of course you knew that I would check the t shirt binary before putting it on.
        -- "Captain Jack" (keynote digital forensics speaker) decoded the
	   secret message on the DFRWS t-shirt (July 2018).

"I'm past that point in my life where I spend the night in my office 
overnight doing work.
I work a home."
        -- Smery gotten soft since getting tenure (July 2018).

Old age and banana Kit Kats shakes are not compatible. Their gainfulness ca=
n be ungainly.

Enjoyment is where one finds it. Just like treasure.
        -- The Wisdom of Neel (July 2018).

"It's pancakes with abs!"
        -- why KTM likes waffles (August 2018).

"We can't call ourselves a democracy unles people fucking show up!"
        -- David Byrne comments on low election turnout (August 2018).

my ideas are fun. let's play hide and go seek! hiders have until the count
of catorce. the seeker is wearing rollerblades and has to tag anyone they
find with the dart from a nerf gun, but first they need to wear a
blindfold. if you call "KALAMAZOOLANDER" before getting tagged, then the
seeker needs to spin on a dizzybat for 10 seconds. if you can blow a bubble
and can sing a verse of "john jacob jingleheimer schmidt" before it pops,
then you win! but you have to lose all your gold.
        -- KTM has some ideas for post BBQ fun at Ray and Emily's.  She
           may have just invented her version of Calvin-ball (August 2018).

When NYC is rude, that's how you know it likes you.
        -- Advice about The City from Dianne (August 2018).

"I'm not racist, but...I'm going to go downstairs."
        -- Apples unsuccessfully attempts to sound racist (September 2018).

"I'm a good banana--not a bad apple."
        -- Apples, wearing all yellow, defends himself (September 2018).

Just to be clear, the idea of sex with you isn't hilarious...
        -- But taken out of context, this comment IS (September 2018).

"Oh yeah?  Well, then I'm not feeding you for a MONTH!"
  "Can it be December?  I'll be gone for most of that."
        -- Kenji doesn't miss a beat trying to negotiate Ray's threat 
           of cutting him off from free food (November 2018).

"His name is Yoshi."
        -- Jeanine "corrects" Ken when he accidentally calls
           Kenji "Match" (November 2018).

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I used to have a few quotes on my home page when I worked at DRI.
Quotes from my DRI home page.

Back before the web, people had .plan files which were visible by others on the same system or on different systems, before security concerns caused people to block remote requets from the finger program. I usually had one or two quotes in my file.

Highlights from my .plan file from OSU.

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