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"Oh yeah?  Well, then I'm not feeding you for a MONTH!"
  "Can it be December?  I'll be gone for most of that."
        -- Kenji doesn't miss a beat trying to negotiate Ray's threat 
           of cutting him off from free food (November 2018).

"His name is Yoshi."
        -- Jeanine "corrects" Ken when he accidentally calls
           Kenji "Match" (November 2018).

"Nope, I'm wrong.  In fact all my 'canal facts' are about the Suez Canal."
        -- But Bez DOES know many 'canal facts' (December 2018).

"Something is out of sync on our team.  I think it's me."
        -- Alan does some performance assessment in the middle of a
           game of Code Words (December 2018).

"To be fair, it's a lot easier to be a Major League Jerk if you're
a baseball player."
        -- Judson (December 2018).

"I can't help you, I can only sass you."
        -- VRon plays to her strengths (December 2018).

"You say 'Jump!' I say, 'Why!'"
        -- KTM was an elite member of the Sass Marines (December 2018).

"I wasn't talking with my mouth full."
  "You just did."
        -- Ray busts Kenji red-handed, or rather full-mouthed (January 2019).

I had to decapitate a rottweiler last week. 
        -- Not sure what's weirder, my friends or me thinking it's not
           all that unusual.  To be fair, she is a vet (January 2019).

Drugs are a hell of a drug.
        -- Sue speculates on the source of Bill Sienkiewicz's 
           vast and highly create palette of visual styles (February 2019).

"'re mismatched..."
  "You mean Ms. Matched."
    "That's DOCTOR Matched to you!"
        -- Alan tells Lena how she outmatches most other players at
           a tournament, Frank corrects with a set, Lena cashes in
           with the spike (February 2019).

I hate traveling with people way outside of my age range.  They really make
it easy to see how much of a dick I can be. 
        -- Is that admitting or acceptance?  Moof's either at the
           first or last stage of ... um ... vacations?  (February 2019).

I am on a flight so [the] Irish the passenger next to me pulled out holy 
water to cross herself and offered me some.  I told her I was already 
going to hell.
        -- Sue has a way with words (March 2019).

On a train and listening to people talk around me.  One old lady is talking
boring shit about how she used to commute in London and would walk fast.
As a New Yorker walker I start tuning out.  Totally not listening anymore 
until my stop comes up and the woman is closing with 'and that is when the
ambulance came and took the body away.....'
        -- Sue learns appearances can be deceiving, especially with
           little old ladies in England on trains (March 2019).

Our big news is that we got chickens!
Ryan frowned when I said I wanted to name one Ruth Bader Ginsbird.

The other ones are going to be called Zenna Henderson and Zora Neale Hursthen.
Here are some others I'm considering for the fourth:

Meryl Peep
Amelia Egghart
Emmaline Peckhurst
Coregga Scott King
        -- I had forgotten how much I miss Alice (March 2019).

They'll live in  part of the yard where they can shit to their hearts
content. I'm really worried that one of them is male.

If Zenna is a boy, we may change it to Gregory Peck.
        -- Alice is prepared to handle a change of plans, and has 
           her ducks, er chicks, in a row (April 2019).

Being popular is the best way to increase one's popularity.
        -- Frank's comment on best-seller lists but probably
           more generally applicable (April 2019).

"Find people who believe in you."
"Find people, who are not your mother or an idiot, who believe in you."
        -- Steve Watson's advice/aphorism from a DFRWS-EU keynote, 
           and Stefen Axelsson's refinement to it (April 2019).

There is a half-life to irony."
        -- Frank talks about humor in the post-ironic era (April 2019).

[While discussing how Norway instituted high alcohol taxes to make it so 
expensive that pepole can't afford to drimk as muc to reduce alcohol abuse.]

"That wouldn't work in Ireland.  We'd just have malnurished drunks."
        -- Mark Scanlon summarizes the likely Irish reaction (April 2019).

[Bill Nye] was attacked online as having a worthles opinion because he was 
just a tv personality and not a scientist.  Needless to say that the venn 
diagram of people saying this and those who were trump supporters was pretty 
much a circle.  There was enough irony to build the Golden Gate Bridge but 
it was lost from the rising sea levels.
        -- Sue nicely summarizes recent news (May 2019).

Well, women's clothing is infinitely more complicated than mens. 
Frequently the sizing of something like a "size 10" is wildly different 
depending on what designer you're dealing with.  Then there's hips vs no 
hips, boobs vs no boobs, leg length, arm length.  You can buy pants that 
fit your hips but they don't curve to fit your waist so you have a giant 
basketball hoop of space even though your hip fit is tight. You can have 
something that fits your shoulders but expects you to have giant boobs 
so you're still swimming in it.  It's fun.
        -- Sue summaries women's clothing (June 2019).

"That beer reminds me of my childhood."
        -- Joe wistfully reminisces about the shitty beer his 
           grandfather used to give to him as a child.  The rest 
           of us were less wistful about it (July 2019).
They whitened him up a bit for Hitler.  Which is a hell of a sentence.
        -- Sue describes Taika Waititi's next movie role (July 2019).

"Hey guys, the spam's getting cold!"
        -- The first time Ray ever spoke that phrase in his life.
           To be fair, he was BBQing a special request from someone
           from Hawaii (July 2019).

Frank:     "There's just a handful of July left!"
Carina:    "It's more than that, since there's 26.5 hours."
Frank:     "You're right.  It's only about a cup."
Catherine: "A cup of July left?  Out of how much?"
Cabot:     "31 cups, obviously!"
        -- Cabot scores the point using the power of Math!  In full 
           disclosure, initially I forgot July had 31 days (July 2019).

Besides, I use both emacs and vi...
  The nerd equivalent of being bisexual? Can't they stone (or at 
  least cntrl-Z) you to death for that if you're caught?
        -- Dave Ralley warns Frank of the dire consequences of 
           crossing editor-war boundaries (October 2019).

"Where did I put my pants?  Oh yeah, it's under Frank."
        -- Lena was briefly concerned after indoor ultimate (November 2019).

She complained about me using the word complaining when talking about her. 
I had to explain it's because she complains a lot.
        -- Sue channels Tautology Man while dealing with her mother 
           (December 2019).

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