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Some pictures from Phoenix, Arizona, 2001.
* [Frank under a big cactus] The Saguaro cactus are big mothers! They look just like the ones you see in Peanuts comic strips or Road Runner cartoons, except there're 10 times bigger. I'm only half as big as it's arm-pit. This was taken at Saguaro National Monument, outside of Tucson, AZ. (Apr 2001)

* [A Flowering Cactus] And despite how imposing the cacti are, they have amazingly colorful flowers. (Apr 2001)

* [Mr. G and Mr. Prickly] Golden vs. the jumping cholla cactus. Guess who won? Golden's expression of tolerance, amusement, and slight pain is real. After the picture, he realized it was harder to get the cactus ball off his finger than he originally thought. (Apr 2001)

* [Frank reacts to a sign] Yet another in the long series of Frank reacts to signs pictures. This time the sign said, "poisonous snakes and insects inhabit the area." (Apr 2001)

* [Saguaro Cactus] Another Saguaro cactus. Did I mention that they're big? (Apr 2001)

* [Another flowering cactus] More colorful cactus flowers. (Apr 2001)

* [Devil's Finger Cactus] I thought that this was called a "devil's finger" cactus, but I'm no longer sure. Still, it's pretty cool. (Apr 2001)

* [A Church in the Rocks] A cool church in between the rocks in a canyon in Sedona, AZ. We didn't actually get a chance to go in. The actual photo looks even cooler, the sky was amazingly blue. It sort of looks more like an exhaust port or laser cannon emerging from the rocks, but that's just me... (Apr 2001)

* [Fountain in Sedona] Sedona, AZ is a neat place (though not as nice as Jerome, AZ). We went to an outdoor shopping area called Tlaquepaque (pronounced "T-lockey-pocky"). This was the "Plaza De La Fuente." (Apr 2001)

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