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Tania vs. the Gas Door

I was in Columbus December 2000/January 2001. I loaned Tania my car. She wanted to be nice and put gas in it. The gas door wouldn't open. She had never heard of a release latch for a gas door. Being cold, she thought it might have been frozen shut. So, with the strength of 20, she dug her claws in it and gave a mighty heave, followed by the sound of wrenching and snapping plastic.

She found herself holding the now-severed gas-door and realized "oh this isn't right..." as well as the fact that I might notice it.

I figured her punishment would be to re-enact it so I could capture the (staged) moment on film.

I had Black and White film in my camera at the time. By the way, these pictures are direct scans of the negatives, which I develped myself. I've never done the scan before, and it's been decades since I developed film. Plus, I'm still learning photoshop, so excuse the inconsistent quality of the images.

I guess I don't seem to learn my lesson, by the way. I still have to develop the photos from "The Raspberry Snapple Incident."

* [With a mighty heave...] door... (Jan 2001)

* [A Kubrick Look of Victory] SUCCESS IS MINE, AT LAST!!! (Jan 2001)

* [Holding the prize] Holding the prize. (Jan 2001)

* [Worm's Eye View] Paying our last respects to the fallen gas door, before it is interred in the cold, cold earth.
(Jan 2001)

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