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"Are we in a commited, exclusive relationship?"
  "...I feel like I should say yes."
        -- Match picked the correct answer to Kara's question (August 2023).

"I'd like to leave soon, I'm getting hungry."
  "You're hungry like 90% of the time!"
        -- Emily doesn't buy Kenji's excuse to leave pickup (August 2023).

"I'm trying to come up with a McConnell joke now but...uh..."
  "You're freezing?"
        -- Moof scores a topical zinger point against Frank (September 2023).

"I've disabled every notification on my phone, so the next sound--"
        -- Tom was then interrupted by his phone.  To be fair,
           it was a call (October 2023).

"My oversight doesn't need oversight."
        -- Emily does not need help making sure people pay for
           Friday night pickup (November 2023).

[...] the receptionist said he would pass a note to the physician's 
assistant too see if I needed a referral to Mount Cyanide.  I was that a slip or are you trying to tell me something.
        -- A great name for a Halloween hospital (November 2023).

"I come from a long line of stubborn."
  "Blame everyone else."
        -- Neither Robyn nor David realized how, in context, funny and
           ironic it was (November 2023).

I feel fine but nonetheless, I am on the Mediterranean diet.  Look
that one up and see how it differs from the way the rest of the world eats,
except the Mediterranean people.  
        -- Kathy is both precise and accurate (December 2023).

"Have you noticed any recent changes to your vision?"
  "Yeah, I can see much better now!"
        -- The tech at the eye doctor's office had just cleaned my glasses,
           but I don't think that's what she was asking (December 2023).
You always blow out my emergency exit door with your aviation knowledge. 
        -- Ralley thinks 737 Maxs can't compete with me (January 2024).

"Aren't we all half centaur?"
        -- KTM thought, though she said it wasn't original (January 2024).

I think I have some body of christ stuck between my teeth 
        -- Email from a friend at a funeral (February 2024).

"Take the whole damn thing!  If you have heart problems, 
you'll know what to do!."
        -- Advice given to a cardiologist at a birthday dinner, who wanted 
           to cut the last beignet in half (February 2024).

"Is a 'spicy tent' an errection?" -- Allison playing word games (March 2024).

"Don't go with your gut, go lower." 
        -- Frank's guidance for 'So Clover' using dirty words (March 2024).

I just had a pt appointment and I said can I ask a stupid question and
he politely says there are no stupid questions, my response is 'that is
a lie, c'mon now.'
        -- Sue has heard too many stupid questions (March 2024).

"Oh look, another ice-cream cone of meat!"
        -- Overheard while walking on a Madrid street (March 2024).

Over the years, I have handled many odd requests for changes to papers, 
and this is one of the oddest.
        -- If it's weird to Eoghan, that's saying something (April 2024).

"There were five exclamation points in this email, and I didn't send it!"
        -- Takes one to know one/Jessica was impressed (April 2024).

After more reps of normal treatment, they escalated to the "Rhino 
Rocket" (tm) - a nasal tampon.  They said insertion would be uncomfortable.  
They lied.

I blacked out, twice.  Much drama, many people.  Apparently I was whiter 
than progressive rock.  Then had some snacks and felt better.  Then as 
they were about to discharge me, blacked out again.  They called 911, 
and Bangs took me to the ER.
        -- A friend's 'simple' bloody nose was anything but that (April 2024).


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I used to have a few quotes on my home page when I worked at DRI.
Quotes from my DRI home page.

Back before the web, people had .plan files which were visible by others on the same system or on different systems, before security concerns caused people to block remote requets from the finger program. I usually had one or two quotes in my file.

Highlights from my .plan file from OSU (1995 and earlier).

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A collection of stuff that I've had for the last few decades (circa 1995-1999). Some are quotes from songs, some are amusing quips, some are collections of quotes on a topic or just random, some from friends, some from strangers.
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