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Frank's Humor Archive

[the jester: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!] Welcome to Frank's archive of stuff that amuses him.

WARNING!!! The contents of these archives is unsorted, though most likely pretty sordid. It can range from light, happy puns to the sick, twisted, and grotesque. With luck, there's something to offend everyone. The titles often may give a clue as to the content, but that's not always the case. So guess what? If you're easily offended, prudish, afraid of reading bad words, or anything like that, then stay the fuck out of this area!.

With that (I hope, unnecessary) bit said, enter at your own risk.


The drawings now have their own separate area. Most of the drawings ARE humorous, but I figured there's enough of them to get their own place.


My writing also has its own place. These are the longer works. Some are parodies, some comedy, but others are more "straight" stuff, science-fiction, etc.


A friend sent me a photo and asked me to come up with a caption. Thus I did.


People send me jokes, amusing annecdotes, etc. Here are two collections of stuff.
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