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A High-Tech Luddite

I wanted the title to be "A High-Tech Luddite Living in a Low-something something World" but I couldn't quite seem to come up with anything catchy enough.

Anyway, just to clarify a point or two, I tend to be a dichotomy or perhaps a paradox or perhaps just weird. I'm somewhat well-versed in things technical: I have a PhD in computer science, am a so-called "expert" in computer security, and I even use technology like cell phones when I travel (though I only actually bought one, a very primative one at that, in 2013 and don't have a regular plan for it and leave it shut off most of the time) and have put up videos on YouTube. I've had web pages for over 20 years and used email since the mid-80s. And my car (the Frankmobile Mark IV) is a Prius.

I finally retired my 1995 IBM Thinkpad 701C (with the butterfly keyboard), a 75MHz 80486 with 24M of RAM and 5G of disk (both were upgraded) after 10+ years of service. In recent years my computer at home is a simple laptop (a Thinkpad) that's a few years old running Linux. I don't watch, nor own, a TV. I own a DVD player, but discovered a year or so ago that it no longer works. I relented a few years ago and got DSL so I can have Internet connectivity at home, but I don't use a wireless setup. The computer has to be in the room with the wire coming out of the wall. I finally took the plunge in 2012 and bought a digital camera (a Nikon D7000) after thinking about it for a decade.

I only buy things online when no reasonable alternative exists (like airline tickets). I don't use Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or other such things. I hate creating a new user account and password.

And so on, and so on.

My attitude is that if I want to use something new, there needs to be a reason why. There needs to be some benefit. And, the cost or impact needs to be considered as well. Often, I do like to do things the hard way or do things by hand so I know what is involved. That's not to say I don't use technology or modern conveniences. It's just that I try to use them with some thought and consideration first.

Oh well...I should go...looks like it's time to churn some butter...

This page last modified Feb 06, 2014.
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