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October 31, 2015

For our ultimate frisbee costume Halloween Hat Tournament, I went as Rick from the cartoon Rick and Morty. Note the flask and genuine, custom-made portal gun.

There were only a few people who knew the cartoon. Had there been more, this might have been my dialog.

Morty! Hey M-urrrrrp-orty. You need need to run, Morty. Run fast. Run deep down the field, Morty. Run into the endzone. I'll hu-uuuuuuuu-uck the disc to you. You catch it and score. It's the only way Morty, the only way we can win.
Uh, I don't know Rick. It seems a little risky. I mean, what if I can't get there in time or one of those taller guys just, you know, just skies me. Makes my vertical leap look like...
Morty, don't be a pussy. No guts no glory. And we need the gl-oooooorrrp-ory, Morty. If we don't get the glory, then we might as well just surrender now and have them rip our intestines out an then anally violate us with them, our own intestines. I told you that's what they do in this world, right? Cut you open, pull out your intestines, and then thread them up your asshole if you lose the game?
WHAT?!? You didn' didn't say a thing about that! I thought we're just going to throw the frisbee around. Nothing like this...this kind of scary torture shit. Why in the hell would we want to go some fucked up place like this? We should, we should just leave. Leave right now. No guts, no glory, no fucking way. I want to keep my guts inside me.
That's the point, they are inside you, just kind of in a different place, and going from the outside back in. But don't dwell on that. That kind of thinking doesn't win games. And if you win the game, then you've got a shot at anyone on the team. Either team really. And I'm not talking about killing them. I'm talking about you getting some action, Morty. Check it o-errrrp-out. I'm sure there are a few on the field you'd be happy to bang. Think about it Morty. Just one pass. Right to you. Then bam! Or bang. Or whatever the hell sound you want to make.
Well...when you put it that way...maybe we should at least try to win the game, you know. No way to win if we don't try...
Cut the team-spirit bullshit, Morty, you're just looking to get laid. So get on the line and cut deep. Oh...and did I tell you-errrrp...ultimate is full-contact, no holds-barred in this universe? OK, the disc is headed our way. Go!

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I tend to doodle. Over the years, I've accumulated lots of random sketches of things, sometimes people, sometimes things, and sometimes just abstract lines. The basic idea on these pages is for me to slowly scan in highlights from my collection of random quick doodles. I also am providing a place where I can explain what it is or what motivated it or perhaps some reason why I'm not to blame. With the sketches of people, their name may be hand-written, or there might be a talk title provided, but I will tend to avoid providing full names. I don't mind if people know who they are, I just don't want them coming up on search engine hits, since that might be a bit rude.

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