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  [sledding in a winter wonderland]

December 22, 2020

Last Saturday I went sledding with a few friends on campus. Mayhem, chaos, hijinks, and fun ensued. It turns out that my toboggan-style plastic sled that would spit a blindly spray of icy slurry in the rider's eyes while steering towards people or the ramp someone built was actually a trust sled and if those riding on it would simply trust in each other, the sled would take them to safety. I think the trust sled taught us all a lesson that day about trust...and sleds. Nonetheless, there were various memorable moments that I tried to capture (and completely distort and embellish).

Among the various misrepresentations:

  1. None of the characters look like the actual people.
  2. Everyone was wearing masks, but I can't show expressions that way.
  3. Alan wasn't yelling at little kids.
  4. Match did not in fact lose any articles of clothes after encountering the Katie Experess, though his car keys did fly out. He noticed them in the snow when he eventually got up. He is supposed to be lying on (and in) the snow, he is not aloft.
  5. It's hard to tell but Emily is actually holding the rope on the trust sled but in no way influences the steering, and I did not show the spray of snow coming off of it even though it is not airborne.
  6. Ray did not have a fuzzy ball on top of his hat, but Katie's did have twin tails, which were useful to show motion.
This was hand drawn on a strip of paper, intentionally rotated when I drew it to simulate the hill. I scanned it in, re-rotated it and added the border so the orientation was clear. No other adjustments. Here is the picture in full resolution.

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I tend to doodle. Over the years, I've accumulated lots of random sketches of things, sometimes people, sometimes things, and sometimes just abstract lines. The basic idea on these pages is for me to slowly scan in highlights from my collection of random quick doodles. I also am providing a place where I can explain what it is or what motivated it or perhaps some reason why I'm not to blame. With the sketches of people, their name may be hand-written, or there might be a talk title provided, but I will tend to avoid providing full names. I don't mind if people know who they are, I just don't want them coming up on search engine hits, since that might be a bit rude.

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