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  [Is that smoke coming out of it or is it just angry?]

May 03, 2021

Answer: It goes away.

I decided to add more memory to my 2.5 year old laptop computer. It was a "double or nothing" move to boost it up to a respectible amount of memory. The coin flip didn't come up "double." Right now I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong, as absolutely nothing happens when I push the power button. I'm hoping it's a battery or power issue rather than a motherboard one. We'll see. Fortunately, my old laptop still works fine (after like ten years!) so I can do the essential things. No time for photoshop, this was drawn in pencil and then inked with my plain old everyday G-2 gel pen. Also, note the little white circle in the center of the LCD screen is supposed to be the white dot that old (tube) TV screens would display when you turned them off. Full resolution picture is here.

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I tend to doodle. Over the years, I've accumulated lots of random sketches of things, sometimes people, sometimes things, and sometimes just abstract lines. The basic idea on these pages is for me to slowly scan in highlights from my collection of random quick doodles. I also am providing a place where I can explain what it is or what motivated it or perhaps some reason why I'm not to blame. With the sketches of people, their name may be hand-written, or there might be a talk title provided, but I will tend to avoid providing full names. I don't mind if people know who they are, I just don't want them coming up on search engine hits, since that might be a bit rude.

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