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Dice Minion (DM) Version 4.1

DM4.1 main, initiative, and history windows
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Dice Minion (DM) is a program I wrote to help with the bookkeeping when running (DM'ing) a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) game. It was written for 5th Edition, though it's pretty general.

This is the 4th time I have written this program. Previous versions of Dice Minion were intended to be used as a player. DM4 is designed to be used by the Dungeon Master (and in fact, I am using it in a current campaign). As usual, I rewrote it from scratch, this time using Python 3.0 (I wanted to see what was different in version 3) and GTK+ (which also had some minor, annoying changes).

The latest addition is the Initiative Window.

The current version is 4.1.0, released 01/09/2018.

The key features are:

Plus more stuff I'm forgetting.


Dice Minon replaces monster stat blocks. It also can roll values for monster attacks or arbitrary dice rolls, on-the-fly. It keeps a history of who did what, including when players inflict damage on monsters. There's no undo function currently, but it's easy to reset values. Files are stored in the YAML format.


DM is a set of Python (version 3) scripts and is intended to run under Linux and uses GTK+ for the graphic user interface. It should run under most Linux distributions.


Download version 4.1 of DM here (28886 bytes).

MD5 Sum:
75066d2a7d7fd1dfd5ce354fd4625216 dm4.1.tar.gz

Installation and running

Download the gzip'ed tar file, unpack it in a directory.

mkdir dm-4.1
cd dm-4.1
tar -zxvf dm-4.1.tar.gz

Run it by invoking ./

Questions, comments, problems?

Feel free to give me feedback on the program. Send email to my first name @ this site.

Sorry, no Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. Remember, I'm a High Tech Luddite.

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