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More "Places" Photos!

Places (Part 2)

Part 2 spans 1998-2008.

Part 1 of the photo archive spans 2009-"now".

August 2008

I went to Colorado, August 15-19, 2008. I spent some time in Boulder, then went to my friend Stacey's wedding, and then went to Rocky Mountain National Park (about 50, 50, and 40 pictures, respectively).

Washington, DC
July 2008

I had to go to Washington, DC in July 2008 for a meeting. So, I went a few days early, and visited my friend Deepak in Maryland. We spent a couple days hiking in the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia, spent a few hours at the Patapsco Valley State Park, a local park in Maryland, and I spent a day doing touristy things near The National Mall in Washington DC (about 70, 50, and 20 pictures, respectively). As a bonus, Deepak loaned me a Nikon D40 digital camera to try out.

Ithaca Fall 2007

Moof and Jen stopped by to visit me in Ithaca. We went to a few locations to hike around and take some Fall Photos. Our travels included Ithaca Falls, Treman Park, and Stewart Park (about 20 pictures).

Ricketts Glen, PA
September 2007

I went camping in Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania the last weekend in late September, 2007, with my friend Deepak. We hiked and took pictures of waterfalls and anything else we saw along the trails (about 90 pictures).

Boston, MA
August 2007

I was in Boston in August, 2007 for the Usenix Security conference. I traveled with Golden, Darly, and G4 (their son). We spent some time sightseeing, as well as catching up with a few friends, including Tania and Tom (about 50 pictures).

Madison, WI
July 2007

I was in Wisconsin in July, 2007. I spent a couple of days in Madison, visiting friends (about 50 pictures).
Note: Pictures from Osh Kosh are in the Flying section.

Flagstaff, AZ
November 2007

I took a vacation to Arizona in November 2006, including Flagstaff, some national monuments, and camping in the Havasupai Indian Reservation close to the Grand Canyon. I took lots of pictures. Part I includes monuments and stuff (~50 pictures), Part II includes the hike into the Havasupai reservation (~40 pictures), and Part III includes various waterfalls (~90 pictures).

October 2006

I took some pictures on a fall weekend in October 2006. The first is of the Treman Marina and the Ithaca and Binghampton airport areas from the air. The second is of Buttermilk Falls State Park (30 on the first, 45 on the second).

Maine/Nova Scotia
July 2006

I took a week long vacation with two friends (Moof and Jenny) in July of 2006. We went to New Hampshire, Maine, and Nova Scotia. I have 5 web pages on it (30-50 photos per page): Part I (New Hampshire), Part II (Lighthouse and Park), Part III (Peggy's Cove and Tides), Part IV (Digby and Acadia National Park), and Part V (Acadia National Park).

Phoenix, AZ
May 2006

I took a trip to Phoenix in May 2006. Another business trip with time off for sightseeing, including a trip to Sedona. Lots of pictures (around 90).

San Francisco
February 2006

And a few weeks after my trip to San Diego, I went back to California, this time to northern California: the Bay Area and San Francisco, in February 2006. Most of the time I was at a conference but I did spend a day in San Francisco and a little time in San Jose and shot one roll of film, 25 pictures.

San Diego, CA
January 2006

I spent a week in San Diego in January 2006. Part for business, part for vacation. Unfortunately, I was sick for part of the time, so I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked. About 24 pictures are included.

May 2005

I went BACK to England in May 2005. While it was a business trip, I did managed to do a good bit of sightseeing in London and Oxford, including doing some flying. Lots of thumbnail shots (about 85).

Watkins Glen, NY
October 2004

Fall in Upstate New York, October 2004, including pictures of Watkins Glen gorge, The Plantations at Cornell, and woods beyond Fall Creek. About 25 pictures.

Seattle, WA
September 2004

I took a trip to Washington State for a week around Labor Day of 2004. I saw Seattle, Tacoma, Mt. Rainier, and more. About 45 pictures.

September 2003

Deepak Ramani and I went hiking in the Adirondack Mountains over Labor Day weekend, camping there for 2 nights, Sep 2003. It's a very pretty area, wasn't too crowded, and no bear encounters, despite our pathetic rigging of the bear bag. About 23 pictures.

Ithaca Winter Day
December 2002

It was a snowy, foggy day in Ithaca, NY (my home), Dec 2002. I grabbed my camera and the digital camera from work and spent a few hours wandering around in a haze. Currently about 40 pictures.

August 2002

My trip to Peru in Aug of 2002. Lots of thumbnail shots (about 100).

Sarasota, FL
January 2002

A couple pictures from Sarasota, Florida in Jan 2002.

Phoenix, AZ
April 2001

Some pictures from a trip I took to Phoenix, Arizona in April 2001.

October 2000

Just a few pictures Lisa took when she, Faith, and I were in London, England in October 2000.

October 1998

A cool shot of the Kilauea lighthouse on Kauai in Hawaii taken in October 1998.

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